Earth Fare Unveils New Non-GMO Product Line, Continues Decades-Long Commitment to Healthy Food

ASHEVILLE, NC – February 27, 2017 – For more than 40 years, Earth Fare has served its communities by making healthy food accessible and affordable, and now it takes the next step by removing GMO ingredients from its private brand food products.

With over 500 private brand items now on shelf and hundreds more soon to be launched over the next six months, Earth Fare’s commitment to transparency provides shoppers with the best quality food at compelling prices. It is the culmination of two years of research and development to provide healthy food that is affordable and great tasting, every day.

“Our Earth Fare brand products allow us the unique opportunity to control our food products from raw ingredient sourcing to the store shelf,” said Justin Jackson, Earth Fare’s Chief Merchandising Officer. “Customers want to be educated and informed, and this meticulous tracking of what is in our food and how it is sourced not only provides a confidence level in our products, but also leads to cost savings that we pass on directly to our customers.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Earth Fare’s bold new message, Live Longer with Earth Fare™. It is a timely and provocative message that is the rallying cry for Americans to choose only the cleanest, healthiest foods; the kind that can be found at Earth Fare, more than any other supermarket in America. The company’s Food Philosophy forbids hundreds of harmful chemicals and ingredients from making their way onto their shelves and is among the strictest in America. The campaign makes the case that better food choices lead to a longer and healthier life and challenges other supermarkets to come clean.

“We’re here to make healthy food accessible to everyone, everywhere, and our non-GMO announcement is the next step to strengthening our commitment,” said Frank Scorpiniti, Earth Fare’s President and CEO. “From the onset, our merchant team has benchmarked every product against industry-leading products to ensure delicious, healthy food at an incredible value. Our shoppers asked for more non-GMO options, so we updated our entire Earth Fare brand food line to meet their needs.”

Earth Fare has distinguished itself as a leader in the healthy foods industry by developing a unique Food Philosophy that informs every product offered in the store. This Food Philosophy is exemplified by a rigorous set of Quality Standards, which ensures that all items are free of high fructose corn syrup, artificial fats, artificial trans-fats, artificial colors, artificial preservatives, artificial sweeteners, bleached or bromated flour, and never administered antibiotics or growth hormones. The full list of unacceptable ingredients can be found on Earth Fare’s Boot List. The chain also strives to incorporate locally produced products into their assortment, including produce, meat, beer and wine, dairy products, specialty items, and much more.

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Founded in 1975 in Asheville, North Carolina, Earth Fare is one of the largest natural and organic food retailers in the country, with 39 locations across 9 states in the Southeast, mid-Atlantic and Midwest. Their full-service philosophy incorporates the highest food Quality Standards in the industry with compelling value, friendly and knowledgeable service, and superior shopping experience. It’s a philosophy that makes it easy to live a healthier lifestyle, every day.

Live Longer with Earth Fare.

SOURCE: Earth Fare